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Subliminal music actually works. I did not start out a believer. Thank you 'Christian subliminal'
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Weight Loss

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In most developed nations, a significant number of us are overweight. In America, more than two-thirds of people are overweight, and one in three are obese. And it's not just the adults; approximately 17% of children ages 2 - 19 years are considered obese.

Not only does excess weight negatively impact one's self image, but it also greatly increases your risks of serious diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes. It can significantly shorten your life, while reducing the quality of the years you do have.

There are many factors involved. Even if one were to focus on what has been medically shown to be the main tool used to gain excess weight, food, there are a number of reasons a person might choose to eat as they do, including wide-spread dietary misinformation, made worse by fad diets.

This subliminal program focuses on three main areas: self-perception, physical movement, and diet. By changing your image of your physical body, you start allowing yourself to heal. When that is combined with increasing your enjoyment of physical movement and your desire for the foods the Bible tells us we were designed to eat, you will find yourself moving toward your goal of having a body that is fit and trim.

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