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Subliminal music actually works. I did not start out a believer. Thank you 'Christian subliminal'
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Silent Mind

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Do you experience stress? Anxiety? Unhappiness? Depression? Lack of contentment? Unhealthy relationships? Do you ever have bad days? Or weeks, months, or years? Does the world no longer seem magical and alive like it once did when you were very young?

These and most of the other psychological problems we face, including OCD, ADHD, violence, a hot temper, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, self-sabotage, and so on, are the result of that forbidden fruit mankind ate in the Garden of Eden. Not only did that act of disobedience separate us from God, it also made us all mentally ill -- controlled by our never-ending tirade of thoughts, most of which keep us bound to the same dark, destructive habits and patterns.

When you cease to identify with that carnal mind, are no longer lost in it, and become free from the inability to cease the endless chatter and ungodly judgments, you regain the ability to see life as it really is: Beautiful. Joyous. Abundant. Full of Life and Love. Full of God.

Full of healing affirmations, this subliminal program will begin to replace those life-robbing thoughts which have controlled your life for years, as your mind is renewed by the Truth of God's Word and the Truth that you are not your mind; and from its dictatorship, you can finally be free.

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