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Praying for You

Whether you need a healing in your body or in your mind, provision, restoration of a relationship or a part of your life, or just some peace, there are two elements that, when combined, can work miracles.

We don't question whether exercise and a healthful diet can improve your physical health and prevent a number of diseases. Diet and exercise are not a replacement for prayer. They are simply one way we can do our part while we trust God to take care of the rest.

Meditation is no different. Some replace prayer with meditation and believe they can solve every problem on their own. But we know there are things that only God can do, and there are things that we can do only partially.

Countless studies have proven that meditation can help prevent or even reverse many physical and emotional problems. Meditators tend to have more peace, live longer and with less disease, and are less controlled by addictions and harmful mental patterns.

So just as we take care of our bodies as we pray, we meditate.

I have found that praying for someone, and then taking some time to meditate, sharing that still, quiet, peaceful place with the person, even at a distance, can often have a powerful effect. As we enter that still place of rest, we open up to trusting God more, and we abandon our worries and fears, letting go of yesterday and our fears about tomorrow, and resting in His peace.

If you have something in your life around which there is a lack of peace, we would like to help. Just fill out the form below.

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